Bedroom Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Box

White Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Box

Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Box – Stand up mirror jewelry box is one of the luxury furniture in the decoration of any house, useful complement and even essential in some rooms of the house, especially in the bathroom and in the bedroom, but can also find place in other environments. In addition to being functional because it reflects our image, it brings light and depth to the space, if it can be used also for storage will have even more added value.

I loved this style mirror modern on one hand has three small drawers and the other from a hanger with several hooks, both drawers as the hanger, are hidden in the back of the mirror, but can be removed to place and take things from stand up mirror jewelry box, necklaces, bracelets and small accessories are items that best can be saved in these compartments storage.

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There are several models of stand up mirror jewelry box with drawers of color or white, but in all the idea is the same, if we look from the front we see only a mirror of design simple, but with a certain depth and is from the side from which look and can use those small storage spaces, plus nice I see very practical and does not occupy too much, especially if you hung on furniture or bathroom sink, mirror depth is no problem.