Best Asian Paints Color Shades

Modern Interior With Orange Walls And Fireplace

Asian Paints Color Shades – An Asian-inspired room can be painted in many ways, depending on the desired theme and purpose of the room. Dramatic, black and scarlet combined can make a powerful statement or use combinations of green and beige to create a calmer state of mind. Use oriental decorations like dragons and cherry blossoms to complete the look.

Asian paints color shades, in a Zen influence only decoration should be a focal point in the room. If you are using furniture or other decoration of this focal point, the walls should not be overly ornate. Paint the walls a solid color or a pattern of two tones. Options include combinations red and black, green tea and cream, blue and gold, jade and tan.

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Asian paints color shades two toned patterns as a blue background can be accented with gold stripe paint through the middle or paint the top half of a wall of red and black background. Another option is to alternate colors on the walls using a green and cream combination. Paint the room in a solid color and apply the oriental calligraphy on top of it in a contrasting color. There are a number of phrases and characters available in Or do freehand picture and project it on a wall and trace it in lightly with a pencil. Paint inside the traced outline to complete the picture.