Creative Walkout Basement

Adorable Walkout Basement

Walkout basement is an opportunity to enhance the enjoyment of your living spaces outdoors. Instead of a simple square cement space that is only a “stop” turn the space into one with a purpose. Think about what you like to do outdoors, whether that means the grid, gardening or just go out to relax.

Add a water source for the walkout basement to make it unique, calming and private retreat. This may be one, do-it-yourself weekend project simpler. Select a source of precast concrete that only needs water. This will attract birds into space. Attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the yard planting butterfly bushes coneflower and purple. You can also make a more elaborate water source using a small pool, prefabricated water purchased from a garden center store or home improvement. Consider adding fish to a small koi pond.

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Add distinction to the patio using brick pavers or concrete slab to create pathways. They can be placed in a formal way with a cement grout, or placed just above the grass with 3-4 inches left between each paver for a natural look. The roads can lead to other areas in the backyard, and to navigate steps family members and guests to the patio area of ​​an input-side near walkout basement.