DIY Exterior Stacked Stone Wall Tile Veneer

Stacked Stone Wall Tile Price

Stacked stone wall tile – Repainting an exterior wall with decorative rock can be an expensive project if you hire a professional. Save money by installing an outer, plate-stones stacked wall yourself with some cheap materials found at any hardware or home improvement. Installing a stone cladding, rather than real stone, giving it the appearance of stone without spending a fortune.

Spread a half inch thick layer of fine slurry over the entire surface of the outer wall with a trowel. Grouting in an even layer. Run a slurry grout rake over the entire wall covered to create a zero layer. Press the stacked stone wall tile veneer halfway into the grout, the spacing of each tile stone veneer a quarter inch apart. The grout is squeezed between stone tiles as they are applied.

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Scrape the flat on the surface of the tile veneer stone to remove any excess grout. At the same time, press the grout spaces do not have enough slurry. Wipe the surface of each stacked stone tile with a wet washcloth. Slide your finger along each space between wooden stacked stone wall tile veneer to smooth the putty. Allow the deck tile stone wall dry for 24 hours.