DIY Mid Century Nightstand

Premium Mid Century Nightstand

Mid century nightstand – A suitcase with hard and flat parts works well as the base of a nightstand DIY. Souvenir shops inside or stack to-be-read. An old suitcase gives your bedroom a vintage look, or chooses something stylish and modern. Table legs come in many styles in home stores and lumber. Legs that are 14 centimeters long work well for design nightstand.

Guide holes piercing through the center of the top of each of the four legs of the wooden t mid century nightstand. Use a drill to insert anchors into each guide hole. Keep the legs of the table at the bottom of the case to determine its position and mark the center of each. Make a hole in these marks with a 1/4 inch drill bit. Feed a washer in a screw 1 1/2 inches, then fed through a hole drilled through the inside of the suitcase.

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Screw anchoring a table leg in the screw. Repeat on the other four corners. Do it carefully because work safety is important than anything. Mid century nightstand more look awesome too because you build it by yourself and you do it with safety working. Happy make something DIY and explore your creation!