Elegant And Chic Painting Cinder Block Walls

Paint Cinder Block Walls Brick Design

Painting cinder block walls are sometimes used outdoors instead of fencing, particularly when constructed houses near congested streets and highways. The concrete block acts as a sound barrier. A wall of concrete blocks can be ugly, even if it has been painted. But you can spruce up a concrete block wall painted to add interest and beauty to your garden.

Painting cinder block walls may seem simple. A faux finish can give an elegant and chic look. Several methods exist for finishing imitation of its wall, according to the desired effect. Commonly, sponges and rags used to apply a second coat of paint on the layer that is already there. You can choose a slightly lighter or slightly darker shade of the base color, or you can go with an altogether different but complementary color (for example, sponge painting using paint peach on a beige background).

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If you do not want to mess with painting cinder block walls, consider adding plants to the wall to cheer up. Along the wall, bamboo plant, which grows quickly, or trellis with climbing plant that spreads upward and outward as it grows, adds visual interest to your wall. Decorative front of the trellis or bamboo planters will add depth to your garden wall. They can also acquire small mountable planters and pose them sporadically throughout his wall.