Free Standing Garage Shelves Plans

Best Free Standing Garage Shelves

Free standing garage shelves – Calculate the number of shelves for the project and its location approximate on the walls of the garage. Check the walls to see if there will be any further support needed for shelving. If the wall is concrete or brick blocks, Poles should be placed with concrete screws. Decide how long the shelves will be and how many shelves that will hang.

Measure free standing garage shelves the length with a tape measure and record the length. In addition, measure out the wall to determine the width of the piece of wood. Take the dimensions of the platform to a store of timber or improvements to the home, such as Home Depot or Lowe, warehouse and selecting lumber for the project and have each shelf cut to size. Buy a kit of brackets for shelves, while home improvement Center.

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Buy as many of these necessary kits for each shelf with at least two brackets per shelf. These teams may include a track system that forces them to screw into studs. Hang free standing garage shelves each piece wooden shelf in place on shelf supports and secure with included accessories or simply screw into place. Continue hanging shelves until the desired number of shelves are in place.