How To Build Cargo Van Shelving

Classy Cargo Van Shelving

Cargo van shelving – Being a plumber means taking your store and your tools with you wherever you go. As new tools more disorder begins to accumulate in the van are needed. For this reason, the plumber needs to organize your work van by using a system of shelves that are adjustable and easily altered to accommodate new equipment. The design and construction of the shelving system allows flexibility in how the tools and parts can be stored safely.

Develop a design of the cargo van shelving, taking into consideration how the equipment is to be stored. Measure the distance between the support channels in the walls of the van with the tape to provide a length of the shelves. Measure, mark and then cut the plywood to the size of the necessary shelves with the circular saw.

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Lay two side lengths floor support. Bolt one of the support plates to one end of each length that will support the bottom of the cargo van shelving unit. Place the unit in the van, aligning it with the support channels in the wall they go. Use keys to tighten all the screws. Use the level to ensure that the unit is square. Cut a piece of two feet of angle bar and loosely screw a corner bracket to an end. Use the level again to ensure that the shelves are standing straight and screw the bearing plates on the van floor with self-tapping screws.