How To Install Hexagon Floor Tile

Hexagon Floor Tile Designs

Hexagon floor tile – Instructions to install hexagon floor tile

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The first you must sweep all debris and dust from the floor using a vacuum cleaner. Mix the glue in 5-gallon bucket (for mixing instructions on packages of glue) with electric drill and mixing paddle. Apply glue on the floor using putty trowel, apply the glue in small areas that are only slightly bigger than a sheet of hexagonal tiles. Get started on the far side of the exit of the corner room will prevent catch yourself in a corner. After that Trim the edges of the leaf wall hexagon floor tile using the clip (see the instructions of tile clip before use) so that the sheet of tiles have a straight edge along the wall. Then Set the sheet of hexagonal tiles on the thinnest applied in step 3 and press firmly to ensure good adhesion; press the Level 2 feet above the surface of the tile sheet to squeeze irregular lumps. Work your way through the rest of the plant using this process, cutting tile sheets using the tile clamp and knife to be adjusted as necessary; tile sheets stick to the mesh fabric can be cut with a razor. Let thinnest cure properly before moving on to the next step. See packaging thinnest cure times.

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Fist you must Mix the grout in 5-gallon bucket (for mixing instructions on the packaging of slurry) with electric drill and mixing paddle.  Apply the slurry leaves hexagon floor tile using the rubber float and spread evenly across the surface of the tile to fill all the joints of tiles; start the grouting in the same corner he began laying tiles. Then wipe the excess grout and tile joints using a wet sponge, rinsing the sponge as needed. See the grout packaging for special or additional instructions.