How to Paint Dark Blue Accent Wall


Blue accent wall – Orange and blue, complementary color wheel pairs, make a bold combination in an interior wall. Because dramatic painting jobs are less forgiving than light, neutral colors, it is important to take the time of preparation and painting. High quality paints provide better coverage for dark colors and worth the extra money. Bright paints show more surface imperfections, so an eggshell or flat end may be a better option for a blue wall night oranges red accents. Move all the furniture away from the wall and take pictures and mirrors. Protect the floor with a cloth. Fill the holes with putty compound and a knife. Smooth areas patched with a damp sponge. Apply a second coat of compound plaster if the first layer shrinks as it dries. Arena had patched areas until they blend in with the rest of the wall. Clean the wall with a damp sponge to remove dust. Tape the wall to be painted with masking tape low-tack.

Apply a primer with an angular brush – carefully apply a paint line where two cutting surfaces meet. Roll out the rest of the wall with a paint roller. Shooting in all directions for a smooth, even use with no lap mark. Blue out red accents plan by drawing on a piece of paper or lightly drawing on the wall with a pencil. Some ideas for compositions include large geometric shapes, wide stripes or a grid of intersecting lines. Applying red paint blue accent areas. Use a brush for small areas or a roller for large areas. No need to stay within the lines. Apply a second coat of paint if necessary and let blue accent wall dry overnight.

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Mask areas orange red accent with low tack tape and a knife. Apply the edge of the walls with a brush and paint angular blue evening around areas with blue accent wall tape. Use a roller to paint large areas. You probably need to apply two or more layers of blue paint coverage. Use a utility knife to gently cut the ribbon where it meets the edge of the painted wall. Slowly remove the tape. This will produce a sharp, clean edge.

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