Ideas Wood And Metal Bookcase

Amazing Wood And Metal Bookcase

Wood and metal bookcase – Libraries should not always be painted or stained. Decorate a plain library to coordinate with the design of the room. There are many different environments to choose from, including the fabric of almost any texture, paper such as wallpaper, contact paper or newspaper and metal in a variety of styles.

Wood and metal bookcase covering a library with fabric is quick and easy. Fabric choices range from cotton prints, raw fabrics, faux fur or vinyl and leather. The fabric can be stapled to the library or glued on, if stapling is a good choice because it allows the design to be changed to a style or a different color relatively easily. To cover with fabric, measure the dimensions Library before buying fabric. Cut the fabric into the panels to fit each section to cover and staple in place.

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The use of wood and metal bookcase to cover a library can add a modern or medieval aspect to the room, depending on the finish. Metal decor is available in a variety of styles. There is wire mesh or sheet, smooth sheets such as tin, hammered metal colored to look like copper, silver or gold, metal and embossed tiles. The metal is a difficult medium to work with, and custom work generally requires a special cutting tool. The metal can be nailed, stapled or screwed to the library, depending on the type and style. In some cases, such as for thin sheets, glue may be used.