Make Hallway Bench With Storage

Angreeable Make Hallway Bench With Storage

Make Hallway Bench With Storage – A hallway bench with storage can be a quick solution, allowing homeowners a place to sit when they put on and take off their shoes as well as a place to keep items such as umbrellas and keys. If you do not have carpentry experience to build such a bench, you can create a simple one with basic items.

Instructions for make hallway bench with storage, form two planks of 15-inch 16-inch plywood and two planks of 16-inch by 48-inch plywood in a rectangular box with a smaller end pieces abutting the inside edges of the larger pieces to make the corners of the box. Gluing corner joints in the box together and secure them with three evenly spaced 1:05 a.m. / 8-inch deck screws through all joints. Center one side of a 40-inch piano hinge along a piece of 17-inch 48-inch by 48-inch plywood, which is the cap on the bench storage.

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Next steps for make hallway bench with storage, Secure the hinge cover with 1/2-inch deck screws. Center the lid of the box, which will have a 1/2-inch edge on the front, and secure the other half of the hinge to the back of the box. Paint box and lid and leave to dry according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions. Locate wall studs where you want to install the bench. Place the box in the position pressed against the wall and fasten it to the wall through the inside of the back of the box into the wall stud positions with three evenly spaced.