Making Bamboo Stair Treads

Adorable Bamboo Stair Treads

Bamboo stair treads – One of the areas where most are decorative stairs is the bedroom . Sometimes the surface of the steps used to deposit items, while others do not even have steps that are worth, so the bars of the stairs serve as hanger or simply the ladder remains empty somewhere that we want to give more charm.

Bamboo stair treads, you make the side holes in the main canes to put the steps and hit. And it is ready the stairs. If you do not want to complicate you doing holes you can attach the rungs to toe. It gives a more rustic look but is easier. The next step was to paint. I did initially blank but I did not like, I seemed very beach house, therefore I again painted black. The decade a bit areas, gave a white wax and at some points as knots and imperfections of the reeds gave him a copper patina.

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Bamboo stair treads, as you can see is a very decorative staircase. You can serve to hang rugs sofa, towels in the bathroom, the tissues in the room or even at the entrance to hang the bag and jacket when you get home.