Masonry Fireplace Design

Jun 12th

The construction of a masonry fireplace is not an easy task and requires skill and patience, but in the end, this fireplace will look great in your home. The home will have a masonry base support. Usually, 4 inches thick, but it has to be strong enough to support the fireplace and chimney. Usually home is built 3 inches below ground level and can hold a refractory brick internal home.

Electric Decor Masonry Fireplace
Electric Decor Masonry Fireplace

You can also build a starter and gas in an ash deposit. Beware of combustible materials they need to have at least 2 inches from the outside of the masonry fireplace. The fuel opening in the wall must be 4 wider than the force inches, and also the head has to be 3 inches above the top of the fireplace opening.

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To the home base, the use of refractory mortar to mount the refractory bricks. Home interior needs to be large enough so that the combustion chamber can be built above it. The firebox has to be 9 inches refractory mortar, refractory bricks laid on edge. Install the steel structure for the masonry fireplace opening and mount the door. Use the door as a template to put the bricks. The stove must have walls at least 8 inches thick.