Mid Century Modern Drawer Pulls

Mid Century Modern Drawer Pull

Mid Century Modern Drawer Pulls – In the mid-20th century, households use dresser for storages in the kitchen to save space. A dresser can serve other purposes as well, as in the living room or bedroom. Anywhere you can use any additional storages or need a decorative piece of furniture to dress the room is a good places for a mid-century dresser. However, a real dresser can be expensive. Instead, you can make your own mid century modern drawer pulls purchased in a store home improvement.

Instructions: 1 Remove the side fences of the bottom of the box with a saw. Furniture feet bear lockers instead. 2 Place the cabinets directly against each other. Insert two strip of 1-by-3-inch furring in between each pair of closets – one in the front and one on the back. Drill pilot holes through cabinet, the furring strips and other cabinet. Insert the wood screws to hold the mid century modern drawer pulls. 3 Cut two strips one inch by three batten to fit along the front outer edges of the outer cabinets. Key instead. 4 Cut pieces of plywood to fit over the outer sides of the cabinets range. Nail the plywood instead of creating a finished cabinet sides. This is information about modern drawer style.

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