Painting Concrete Basement Walls

Amazing Concrete Basement Walls

Painting concrete basement walls can be a bit tricky due to some reasons. You have to weigh what you paint, concrete. By its nature, it is a porous product. It gives way to water and water-soluble ingredients and basically sucks up everything to let it seep through. Then you are below grade. This contributes to it in that the walls already on moisture and hydrocarbons pressures pushing and forcing the moisture in your basement.

With that said, it’s not impossible to get a good coat of paint on concrete basement walls, just difficult. You must properly prepare not only the environment but the walls themselves to ensure that the paint sticks to the way you want. Here are some steps to get you on the road to a newly painted basement.

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You always want to paint and primer on a clean surface. So the first thing you must do is to clean the concrete basement walls. Now, not having seen your basement, remember that every situation is different. This can be a pretty quick and easy task or it can be a bit more. I leave it up to you to decide. Once you have given the wall a good once-over with a broom sweeps the dust and cobwebs out, you will want to wash it. Do not use water only with this step, we remember trying to get all the little things outside and prepare a good surface.