Problems Mount The Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Most plasma and LCD electric fireplace TV stand should be installed in a place where temperature is between 32 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You will have to place a thermometer above the fireplace while running to check the surface temperature above the fireplace opening; leave the thermometer there all the time you want to use the fireplace while you check the temperature every hour. Within an hour, the temperature may fall in the range.

Often the installation height of the electric fireplace TV stand over the fireplace is not appropriate to view the image comfortably. You’ll have to look up to watch TV instead of down and directly in front of where you sit. The best way to test the height and level of comfort is hitting some object in the area where the TV and by sitting on each chair will be installed for an hour looking at the object.

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The TV can be wall mounted fireplace. You cannot mount the brackets on the wall of brick or marble, use the electric fireplace TV stand and place it on the mantle. The only problem is that the media has of 10-15 cm wide, so the mantle should be from 15-18 cm deep. Most garments are smaller than you need for a TV stand.