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Shoe closet storage – legal ways to organize your shoes in small spaces. Save shoes in small cabinets is often a problem. They usually are crammed into a corner, and when we need to find a couple, we have to take all the other cabinet, making a mess and wasting time. You must use creativity to create alternatives. A good idea is to use other room spaces to store your shoes, or even use them as part of the decor.

Enough of mold: learn how to save the shoes properly. The shoes are accessories that complement the looks with style, personality and of course a lot of functionality! Some have shoes of various colors, styles and materials, as there are those who prefer to have very few peers, more basic models. As we know about shoe closet storage. But regardless of the amount, material and style, a detail is fact: if people do not take good care of your shoes, both its beauty and its life end up being compromised. Then think for a minute about how you are careful of your shoes! Are they being kept in the right way? For if you want to save your beautiful and upright pair’s longer, check our tips on how to keep your shoes properly:

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Clean shoes before putting them away. Even if you get too tired at home, dying to ever fall into bed and relax, resist the temptation to put your dirty shoes in the closet! In this case, it is preferable to leave the shoe in a corner of the house and sanitize later, when it is with renewed energy, since the ideal is to accommodate the shoes are cleaned properly in order to prevent dirt impregnate them, shoe closet storage ideas. Not to mention that this care also prevents other unpleasant problems arise, such as the odor appearance. To clean your shoes, use a soft cloth and, if necessary, throw hand of a polisher in wax or cream. If the intention is to shine to their peers, gently wipe one soft bristle brush and finish buffing with a soft cloth.