The Image Projector Wall Paint

Fantastic Projector Wall Paint

A creative way to brighten and beautify a child’s room, playroom or classroom is painting a mural on the wall. You can hire a professional artist to paint it, but perhaps not able to pay the costs. However, you can paint a mural with little or no artistic talent. If you own or can borrow projector wall paint, you can make a mural with almost any image you choose. Search coloring books with pictures or objects that can print redesigned and have simple lines that are easy to draw.

Take the photo to a print shop and asks you to copy a sheet for transparencies. Place transparency, with the image that you copied in the overhead projector wall paint. Projects the image on the wall where you want to paint the mural. Move the projector or use the setting values ​​for the image on the wall with the exact size you want for the mural.

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Trace projected on the wall with a fine tip marker image. It may be that you have to stand aside to avoid getting between the image and the projector wall paint. Turn off the projector having traced the outline for the mural. Complete the drawing with suitable paint colors, careful to stay within the lines.