Tips To Get Leathered Granite Countertops

Leathered Granite Countertops

Granite, including weathered granite is virtually scratch resistant, which means that your bathrooms and kitchen counters look as good as new in the coming years. While leathered granite countertops changes its texture and color, does not change its wear resistance.

When leathered granite countertops is installed, the installer can apply a granite sealer. This sealer will have a bad reaction to many household cleaning products, and “record” will stripes are called. Be careful when cleaning your equipment and make sure not to get any cleaner or acid product in granite. Some surfaces should not need a sealant at all, so be sure to speak with a grain specialist before allowing the installer to apply a sealer. Remember that the cleaner is reacting with sealant, not granite, and cleaning products for the stone ruin unsealed granite.

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Soap and water are often recommended to clean granite because soap is cheap and each house has. However, the soap will soap residue to accumulate over time. While water and soap will get rid of fingerprints, is not a good cleaning agent to use in their leathered granite countertops. Do not use any type of rough sponge or cloth to clean a granite countertop tanned