Wall Mounted Drying Rack For Hockey Uniform

Wall Mounted Drying Rack

Wall mounted drying rack for hockey uniform – Whether for a goalkeeper or a skater, hockey uniform has as main purpose to protect the player during and outside the game. The must-haves: shoulder pads, helmets, pants, gloves and skates, among others, tend to absorb sweat Player. Over time, moisture not only produces the infamous “hockey smell” but moldy and ruined garments; here comes the need to make a drying rack home.

Wall mounted drying rack measure and mark 1 foot in the woods 2×4 feet 2 inches and cut to make two equal pieces of 1 foot. Place the other 2×4 inches and put each piece of 1 foot to the sides of 2 feet to form an “X”. Put the table of 28 inches on the “X” and screw all the parties to stay together.

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Wall mounted drying rack, glue each wooden block ¼ inch in the other two ends of the “X” to form a base and a solid and stable for the hanger floor. Flip the base; measure and mark the center of the “X” where do perforation 2 inches. Apply a lot of glue to one end of the long bar and insert the end into the hole, let it dry for 30 minutes.