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The real gadgets freaks know exactly what 4K television is about. Those who don’t know, need to pay attention now. If we can believe the internet , having 4K television is an absolute must. The ‘eye-catching quality’ of 4K would make watching TV to a higher level. But is this correct? Are we not just dealing with a hype? We figured it out for you! A smart tv kopen should not be hard, thats the reason we started in the first place. Another thing to check is out beste 4k televisie kopen because this site makes it possible to find the most amazing 4K televisions.

What Is 4K Television?

First of all, what is 4K television? 4K, also called Ultra HD, stands for the number of pixels that can be seen on the television screen. Pixels are the dots that make up your screen. Televisions with 4K contain approximately 4000 pixels in width. The number of pixels represents how detailed your image is. The more pixels, the more details are displayed. Pay attention; this says nothing about the quality of the image. Currently, most Full HD televisions now have around 2000 pixels. A television with 4K has a lot more in that respect.

What Do You Need?

4K television sounds good. You can already see yourself lying completely on the couch. A bag of chips in your left hand and your favorite drink in your right. You are ready for that Netflix marathon in breathtaking quality. In reality, a little more work precedes this. 4K only works on a 4K television or a television that supports this. Preferably you also combine this with a large screen because the quality is better visible.

In addition, you must have the correct HDMI cable. Your cable must have a bandwidth of at least 18 gigabytes per second. You can buy this cable separately or you can use your inverter to make your current HDMI cable usable.

Is Watching Tv Really More Fun?

In practice it appears that it is quite difficult to see the difference between Ultra HD and Full HD. Many people don’t notice any improvement. Only if you sit very close to the television, you will see something of it. But keeping a viewing distance of 1.6 meters is also not really comfortable. In addition, it appears that certain Full HD televisions sometimes perform even better. Do you have a large television or would you love to purchase one? Then 4K can provide pleasure. Your favorite films will be displayed so sharp and you can count that you can follow the upcoming Formula 1 season even better. But is your TV smaller than 50 inches? Then it is almost useless to take 4K.

  • The question of whether 4K is primarily a hype therefore receives a nuanced answer. The quality will only improve if you have or purchase a large television. Otherwise you can continue to watch on your HD television.
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